Applications for 2018:  Currently there are no vacancies for 2018.

Applications for 2019: Due to our extensive waiting list, applications for 2019 are now closed. We may re open the waiting list in August after all children currently on the waiting list have been placed.  Please note: Priority is given to children in their year prior to school (turning 5 before 31st July 2019).  3 year olds will only receive a place if all other children on the waiting list have been placed. Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab (above right). Scroll down to where is says ‘Click here’ (in red) to fill out a ‘Waiting List Application Form’. Once the waiting list application has been received the  Director will contact you to arrange a meet and greet, and to sign the form to activate it.

**Please note: Priority is also given to those children who have been on the waiting list for the longest time and who live in Lalor Park or surrounding suburbs.

Applications for 2020: Are now open to all children after their 2nd birthday.


Welcome to Lalor Park Preschool’s website. The Staff and Committee hope that you find this information helpful in choosing the right Preschool for your child. Should you require any additional information, or would just like to speak with the Director, please call us at any time or drop in any time for a visit. Please refer to the drop down menu on the right for further details about Lalor Park Preschool.

As part of our enrolment process, we invite each child to attend an  ‘Orientation Morning Tea’ where they have an opportunity to meet the staff, join in all the activities and take part in morning tea.  They also receive an Orientation Bag full of welcoming items, including a ‘My Preschool Book’- a social story of about Preschool. Parents also attend an Information Evening where we discuss what to expect when children commence Preschool. Parents also receive an Information Handbook that provides them with all the detailed information they need when their child commences.

Lalor Park Preschool is rated by the NSW Department of Education and Communities as ‘EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS’ IN ALL 7 QUALITY AREAS.

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