Management / Committee


The Management Committee is elected each year at the preschool’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee consists of 7 members – 4 Executive members and 3 ordinary members. The Committee meets regularly to discuss the progress and forward direction of the preschool. Minutes of these meetings are taken and displayed on the noticeboard in the front foyer.

President – Executive Position

The President is legally responsible for the Management of the preschool and has the responsibility to see that all functions of the Management Committee are carried out. These include the chairing of Committee Meetings each month and Family Meetings each term. The President is also the Public Officer of the Association and will generally represent the Association at any functions.

Vice President – Executive Position

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President to fulfil their duties and assume these duties in the Presidents absence.

Secretary – Executive Position

The Secretary is responsible for preparing and distributing the minutes of all meetings to members of the Association and keeping the Minute records up to date.

Treasurer – Executive Position

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting of all monies received and expended by the preschool. They are responsible for preparing a financial statement for Committee and General Meeting. The Treasurer liaises with other Committee members and the Nominated Supervisor to monitor the budget and the financial performance of the preschool.

Plus 3 Ordinary members of the Association.

The Department of Education and Communities requires that all Committee Members undergo a Working with Children Check.

The contact details for complaints is: The Department of Education and Communities  Ph:1800619113