Developmental Portfolio

As part of each child’s involvement at Preschool, we keep a Learning Portfolio (or record) of their individual development and participation in the Preschool program.

The Learning Portfolio is an ongoing observation of each child’s development and comprises of photos, work samples, skills checklist and teacher comments that will provide parents with information on their child’s participation and progress.  Parents are welcome to see their child’s portfolio at any time and discuss these records with their child’s teacher at any time. The  Portfolio’s are also viewed at our mid-year parent/teacher interviews and are sent home at the end of the year.

If a parent ever has any concerns or queries in regard to the program we are providing, their child’s involvement at Preschool or any other aspects, they are encouraged to discuss these with their child’s teacher or the Director. If it is not convenient to discuss concerns at the time, we are always happy to arrange an appointment time.