Management of the Preschool


Lalor Park Preschool is a community-based, non-profit organisation.  It is managed by a Committee of families and members of the wider community who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee consists of 7 members, in the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • 3 Ordinary members

The Management Committee and preschool’s Nominated Supervisor meet regularly and, in conjunction with the staff team, are responsible for the overall operation of the preschool. All families and community members of the Association are eligible to be elected onto the Committee.  We encourage anyone who is interested to join the Committee, as it provides an opportunity to become more involved in decision making about your child’s care and education and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the early years in children’s learning and development. The Committee is very relaxed and family friendly, and sometimes organised to meet at the local coffee shop!

The preschool holds more formal General Meetings for families, staff and other interested persons each term. Meetings are held at the preschool and information on the preschool’s operation is presented. Families are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a great opportunity to become involved in decision making about the running of the preschool.

The preschool maintains a current Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) that all children, families, staff, Committee members and members of the local community can contribute to. Our QIP is updated annually and ensures we are continually striving to improve our service to families and our local community.

* If there is a complaint to be made the Committee President can be contacted and the phone number is made available to families upon enrolment. We have a ‘Complaints policy’ which is also provided to families as part of the induction package.

* The number for complaints to the Department of Education and Communities is: 1800619113