** Currently in 2024, under the ‘Affordable Preschool Program’ provided by the Department of Education and Communities, families can declare they would like to receive their Affordable Preschool funding at Lalor Park Preschool which currently provides 600 hours (or 2 days per week) of preschool for children in their year prior to school with minimal cost to families. The preschool charges fee’s for a 3rd day. This enables us to still maintaining our high quality standards and our higher than required educator to child ratios.

Prior to children’s commencement, the following fees are payable:

  • Bond: A nominal bond is paid upon enrolment, which is then reimbursed at the conclusion of a child’s attendance.
  • Association Membership: This is incorporated in the administration fee. At least one parent is required to join the Association.
  • Administration Fee: This is a ‘one off’ annual payment to cover administration costs e.g. newsletters, enrolment forms, credit card transactions etc. It also includes all of the children’s extra curricular activities e.g. shows, parent gifts for mothers and fathers day and Christmas celebration night, Orientation bag and the Family Information Book.

Further Reduced Fees

Further reduced fees may apply to families on lower incomes. Please contact the Nominated Supervisor or Association Clerk for further information. When reduced fees are approved, a reduction of the amount of the bond also applies.

When how are fees payable?

The preferred method of fee payment is by EFT and families will be given the banking details on commencement. Fees can also be paid by credit card on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Other information regarding fees

Fees must be paid irrespective of a child’s attendance or non-attendance through illness, additional holiday’s (outside school holidays) or otherwise.

Fees are still payable for Public Holidays.

Fee payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by the term, however payments must be made in advance not in arrears.

Any family whose fee account is in arrears risks their child’s placement being cancelled. Arrears of 4 weeks without arrangement with the Nominated Supervisor will result in immediate cancellation of a child’s place at preschool.

If at any time families are finding the payment of preschool fees difficult to meet, please discuss this with the Nominated Supervisor who may be able to assist you.

Late Fees

The preschool closes promptly at 3.30pm. If you are late collecting your child a heavy late fee will apply ($50 per 10 minutes late).  The preschool is not licensed for children after this time. *** Please note, the late fee is not covered by the ‘Affordable Preschool Program’. If parents are late, the late fee must be paid.

Two ‘school-term weeks’ written notice is required of intention to withdraw a child from the preschool to allow time for a new child to commence. Special conditions in regard to cancellation of a placement apply to the final term of the preschool year.  Please see the Nominated Supervisor for further information or a copy of or fees policy.