Family involvement


Family members are warmly welcomed and considered vital in the teaching partnership between home and preschool. Family values, beliefs and cultural diversity are respected and families are included in decision making about the preschool as well as their child’s participation, inclusion and development. Our closed Facebook page and KinderM8 digital platform also support our communication with families.

Families may also participate in policy review, and our annual ‘Quality Improvement Plan’ where their voices can be heard and contribute to the ongoing improvement of our service. Families are encouraged to contribute their ideas and suggestions via our ‘7 Quality Areas’ QIP display. Parent’s contribution to our program planning and QIP are invaluable.

We look forward to receiving as much involvement from each family as they would like. By becoming involved in preschool community, families are able to share in their child’s experiences and help to increase the benefit and enjoyment they can gain from being at preschool. They are also able to share in decision making about the running of the preschool.

We are happy for families to spend some time in the classroom with their child.  In this way they become more familiar with the preschool, learn more about what the children are doing while they are with us and also get to know the educators. There are also many ‘special events’ throughout the year to encourage family members to share in the preschool experiences, such as Mother’s Day celebration morning Tea, Father’s Day celebration evening and Grandparents Morning Tea. Families are welcome to contact the preschool or call in at any time during the day.


We have a washing roster  where each family is asked to help out with the preschools washing. eg  tea towels, dolls clothes, etc. Each family is only asked once during the year to do the washing. The washing is given to families by a staff member and can simply be returned the following week.

Cleaning and maintenance

The preschool employs the services of a ‘professional cleaning company’ who thoroughly clean the premises on a daily basis. Additional cleaning takes place throughout the day by staff. This includes children’s toilets and all hard surfaces. A holiday cleaning schedule includes twice yearly steam cleaning of carpets and floor polishing.

Pest control is carried out twice per year by a professional service.

The preschool also employs a contract ‘Maintenance Co coordinator’ who is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the preschool’s grounds, facilities and equipment.

Other ways families can become involved

Families are invited to become involved in other ways.  If a family member has a specific skill that they can assist us with, for example, a skilled tradesperson or computer technician, we really appreciate their support.

 Please note that a willingness to help out is really the only ‘qualification’ needed!

Any assistance from families helps keep our costs to a minimum and is greatly appreciated.

Our aim is for children and their families to leave Lalor Park Preschool with very happy memories, and for each child to have gained the skills and knowledge they need to make a happy, confident transition to school and be eager to begin the next exciting phase of their life long learning journey.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and we look forward to having you and your child join us at Lalor Park Preschool.