When a child is ill, the best place for them to be is at home where adequate monitoring and care can be carried out. This is also for the protection of the other children and staff at Preschool and helps prevent the spreading of infection and illness.

Families are asked to notify the Preschool if their child is going to be absent.  If families are unsure about whether to bring their child, they may contact the Preschool to discuss their concerns.

When to keep your child at home

If they have:

>  A temperature above 37 degrees > Head Lice (until treated)
> Productive Cough > Hepatitis A
> Vomiting (within 24 hours) > Herpes Labialis (Cold Sores)
> Diarrhoea (within 24 hours) > Impetigo (unless covered)
> Severe skin rashes > Influenza
> Tonsillitis > Measles
> Chicken Pox > Meningitis
> Conjunctivitis > Mumps
> German Measles > Ringworm
> Glandular Fever > Scabies
> Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease > Whooping Cough

We strictly abide by the NSW Department of Health guidelines on Infectious Diseases and exclusion periods for attendance at Preschool. This information can be obtained from a staff member as required.


If a child requires any medication to be administered while they are at Preschool, families must complete a ‘Medication Form’. Under the Department of Education and Communities Regulations, we are unable to administer any medication without specific written instructions from parents, which includes dosage, dates, times, etc.

All medication must have the child’s name on it and be brought to Preschool in its original dispensed container.

We are not permitted to administer any medication in quantities other than the recommended dosages, nor medication which has been prescribed for a person other than the child.

Medication must be handed to a member of staff and never left in children’s school bags.


When a child is prescribed antibiotics they must be kept at home for the FIRST DAY of the course.

Children on long term medication

If a child is on any long term medication for conditions such as asthma they are required to complete a ‘long term medication form’ as well as supplying an ‘Action Plan’ from the child’s doctor.

If children become unwell at Preschool

If a child becomes unwell while they are at Preschool, we will attempt to contact families on all telephone numbers provided and ask the to come and collect the child.  If we are not able to reach the parent, we will contact the persons nominated as ‘Emergency Contact’ people for them to collect the child.

We have a specific permission form regarding administration of ‘Panadol’ to children.


The department of Education and Communities requires that all children must be immunised before they can commence Preschool. All families must provide an ‘Immunisation History Statement’ from the Australian Immunisation Register which can be obtained from Medicare or online. Any child who has not been immunised or does not have all their immunisations up to date are unable to attend.