Policies & Procedures


Policies and Procedures

As per the Department of Education and Communities Regulations, the preschool maintains all required policies and procedures relating to all different aspects of our service provision and operation. These policies include such things as enrolment, fees, nutrition, complaints, accidents, illness and infectious diseases, children’s educational program and many more. A Policy Manual is kept on the premises at all times and copies of any policies are available to anyone upon request.

The process of policy development and review is a continual one and takes place throughout the year. As new laws and regulations are passed, more policies need to be written, developed or updated. Interest in this process from parents/family members is always encouraged and feedback from families is essential in the development process.  We also have a ‘Policy Board’, where policies are placed for comment and feedback from families before being accepted by the Association.

All families have access to our wide range of policies via ‘KinderM8’.