In the case of an emergency, the preschool will contact the child’s parents so they can take charge of their child’s care. If the nature of the situation requires immediate treatment, staff will arrange this, contacting parents or emergency contact people as soon as possible. It may be necessary to seek treatment from the child’s doctor or dentist, or another medical or dental facility.  During this procedure all attempts will be made to notify the parent, guardian or contact person.

Parents must notify the preschool of any changes to their contact information for themselves or their nominated contact persons. This includes home, work or mobile telephone numbers and addresses for parents, doctors or emergency contact persons.  We provide a ‘Change of Information Form‘ which can be obtained from staff as necessary.

Fire and Lock Down Drills and Procedures

All staff and children practice these once per term as per licensing regulations.  These are carried out in a manner that does not frighten children but prepares them to act quickly in any emergency situation.